Best Crowdfunding Rewards

As the vast majority of you probably know by now, choosing the right crowdfunding rewards for your campaign is outrageously important. They may not be as important as the story or the product, but at the end of the day, crowdfundees contribute based on the reward they will get. Here are a few roads to take for creating the best crowdfunding rewards:

1. Get creative


Contrary to popular belief, not everybody wants a matching T-shirt and coffee mug with your company’s logo on it. You need to get creative with your rewards. We’re not saying you need to offer a dinner with your investors in which they draw on you like a canvass à la Amanda Palmer, but you know, get creative with it.


2. The Early Bird Gets the Heavily Discounted Worm


Okay so this is an obvious one. If you weren’t planning on doing a pre-order of your project for one of the rewards, we’re going to have to sit down and have a talk. However, many people don’t capitalize on the “early adopter” reward idea. The idea is to give the first 50 or so contributors a crazy reduced rate for the pre-order – which will entice people to contribute early on – then from there, you can do a second round of reduced rate pre-orders or bundle together other rewards.


3. Make Your Backers the Story  


It’s no secret that we are emotional creatures and always want to be apart of the story. Run with this concept. You can do something as easy as a thank you card, or a reward as cool as a backstage pass to the launching party where they can meet industry leaders. Either way, create a reward that will include them in the story.


Hope this tid-bit helps in giving all of you soon-to-be rockstar crowdfunders some guidance in choosing rewards. Just throwing this out there: I give you all permission to use a dinner date with yours truly as a reward for your upcoming campaign. Please make sure it’s for a contribution under $10 though.

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