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Michael Fultz

COBI: Welcome to the Future of Smart Biking

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COBI Turns Any Bike Into a Smart Bike Your dumb bike needs a smart brain. COBI – the world’s smartest connected biking system – is holding the door open for all to enjoy the future of cycling. Boasting over 100 intelligent features, COBI allows users to turn their favorite green machine into a smart bike. The best part? It’s only $159, making it accessible for all cyclists. Paving the Way…

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Plate Of Chicken Roll

PantryChic Reimagines the Kitchen, with its sleek, wifi-enabled Storage System

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Introducing PantyChic–The world’s first wifi-enabled Store and Dispense System for the kitchen. The company’s recent research provided important insights about main problems kitchen enthusiasts run into with baking. A whopping hundred percent of respondents mentioned time for preparation and clean up as the major constraints preventing them from cooking as often as they would like. More than fifty-five percent complained about the inconsistency of their results. Or inconsistency of their final…

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Crowdfunders Are Making A 71,017 Square Foot Mosaic of Nicolas Cage’s Face

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Graphic designer Thom Malone is running a Kickstarter campaign to break the Guinness World Record for the largest mosaic in existence – it will be 71,017 square feet of Nicolas Cage’s face. A mosaic is a picture produced by arranging together smaller pieces of art. In this case, it will be a NFL Stadium sized picture of Cage’s face produced by arranging together small pics of fans. Malone initially put this campaign on…

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Why The Best Crowdfunding Campaigns Tell A Story

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The most successful crowdfunding campaigns have been able to connect with their backers on an emotional level via the art of storytelling. Whether their inspirational anecdote was about how they quit their job to follow their dream or how their piece of technology will help solve the gluten crisis in America, the tale they told portrayed their passion to the readers. As you could imagine, invoking that emotion acted as a crucial…

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The 3 Types of Media: Paid, Owned, and Earned

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In creating your digital marketing strategy, you must maintain a (somewhat) working knowledge of the three types of media. These three types are paid, owned, and earned media. The best way to visualize these media types is as a tripod – all three work together in building the foundation for your soon-to-be successful digital marketing strategy.   1. Paid Media Now we’re going to go out on a limb and guess that…

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