COBI Turns Any Bike Into a Smart Bike

Your dumb bike needs a smart brain. COBI – the world’s smartest connected biking system – is holding the door open for all to enjoy the future of cycling. Boasting over 100 intelligent features, COBI allows users to turn their favorite green machine into a smart bike. The best part? It’s only $159, making it accessible for all cyclists.

Paving the Way with Integrated Features

From connectivity to safety and security, the never-ending features list establishes COBI as the pioneer of smart bikes. With the exception of actually pedaling for you, COBI does everything. Now you can call your friends and family, listen to music, track your fitness and performance, check the weather, navigate your route, and get real time data all while riding your two-wheeler. Also, instead of dangerously swiping the on the phone’s dazzling interface, users can access all of these features through the thumb pad conveniently located next to your hand.

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Not only do these software features give you more enjoyment while riding, but the hardware makes riding safer. The headlight, auto-brake light, turn signal, and emergency locator help you throw your inhibitions to the wind behind you as you ride forward in safety.

Keep in mind, you can rest assured knowing that even though all the thieves want your new smart bike, they can’t have it. The COBI Hub attached on top allows you to decide who rides your wheel mobile. With a theft alarm, software activation lock, and a crowd-based bike locator, you’ll never have to worry about some jerk stealing your energy guzzler again.

Ready to Ride?


COBI is affordable and easy to install, meaning even your fixie can get a genius brain. Are you ready to get the most out of your riding with the world’s smartest connected biking system? Head on over to COBI’s live Kickstarter campaign to get your order in now.