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Graphic designer Thom Malone is running a Kickstarter campaign to break the Guinness World Record for the largest mosaic in existence – it will be 71,017 square feet of Nicolas Cage’s face. A mosaic is a picture produced by arranging together smaller pieces of art. In this case, it will be a NFL Stadium sized picture of Cage’s face produced by arranging together small pics of fans. Malone initially put this campaign on Kickstarter as a joke between friends. Then he raised over $27,000 in less than a week. Once Malone realized the internet at large shares a similar passion –  having their face on Nicolas Cage’s face in the form of a 71,017 square foot mosaic – he knew he had to re-launch the campaign with a serious plan in place.

“If there’s one thing I know, Nicolas Cage’s face is capable of incredible feats that defy all odds. I think there is a yearning in all of us to do something great; have our face on Nicolas Cages face. Why should Travolta be the only one to have that privilege?” – Thom Malone

Each backer will be asked to submit a photo of their face to the collection along with their contribution. Then, Malone will use his expertise in graphic design and a mosaic development software to create the 71,017 square foot mosaic of the treasured actor’s face with 180,000 photos of fan’s faces.  Backers will have the privilege of basking in 71,017 square feet of Nicolas Cage glory on Labor Day weekend this year in Ontario, Canada, when the Guinness record breaking mosaic is unveiled to the public.

Malone’s bold campaign shines light on the fact that crowdfunding has an enormous value proposition for everyone – whether it’s an established company like Pebble, the small start-up company that just finished their prototype, or simply a fan that is willing to face-off with anyone that argues Nic Cage isn’t a National Treasure. The possibilities of crowdfunding are truly limitless. This is just one man, bringing together the internet at large, and exemplifying the beauty that anyone can fund anything. (Disclaimer: yes, I realize the ‘beauty’ in this example is 71,017 square feet of Nicolas Cage’s face made up of other faces).

What do backers get in return for being apart of breaking this Guinness World Record? Backers will get a spot in the mosaic, a poster of the completed piece, and their choice of the following:

Necklace Cage

Necklace Cage


Cup of Joe

Cup of Joe


Nicolas Cage Playing Cards

Cage Playing Cards


Nicolas Cage T-Shirts 

Nicolas Cage Pocket T


Nicolas Cage T

Take a moment and make history with us. Together, as a crowdfunding community, we can make a 71,017 square foot mosaic of Nicolas Cage’s face. Head over to the campaign page here to be apart of breaking a Guinness World Record.

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