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Introducing PantyChic–The world’s first wifi-enabled Store and Dispense System for the kitchen. The company’s recent research provided important insights about main problems kitchen enthusiasts run into with baking. A whopping hundred percent of respondents mentioned time for preparation and clean up as the major constraints preventing them from cooking as often as they would like. More than fifty-five percent complained about the inconsistency of their results. Or inconsistency of their final products or final baked goods. 

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PantryChic, a new appliance with sleek modern looks solves these problems, among others. It offers a variety of storage containers and an advanced digital scale for automatic volume to weight conversions for over 50 ingredients. This simple tool dispenses the accurate weight of a variety of pre-programmed ingredients directly into a mixing bowl, eliminating measuring cups, manual scales, and conversions. It

• Makes it easy and fun to cook meals together with family and friends

Saves time for mixing, measuring and cleaning up

Saves money because of the precise ingredient measurements

The product is especially beneficial for people trying to control their diets and can make the lives of those battling diabetes and celiac disease easier. life saving for those fighting serious disease. It allows the users to make their own mixes and store them safely for future use. The system will make any kitchen look sleek and modern while encouraging experiments with new recipes and offering more predictable.


The idea for PantryChic was born out of the frustration that Nicole Sollazzo Lee, the company’s founder, experienced while living in a tiny New York apartment. “I was tired of juggling multiple ingredients, recipe books, and inaccurate measuring tools, to end up with a different product every time,” said Lee. She decided to create a tool to gain control over the outcome while making cooking a fun and easy activity. Her partner and husband Christopher Lee has stepped on board, bringing years of financial and marketing experience to help her solve every baking enthusiast’s problem by driving this idea from Big brands like Whirlpool, Samsung and LG spend millions of dollars to design fancy smart appliances. Nicole believes in the power of entrepreneurship and community support.

PantryChic was invented and patented by an aspiring entrepreneur and baking enthusiast Nicole Sollazzo Lee. Other team members include: Christopher Lee, Director, Angelika Belle, Product Designer & President of Carbon Project, Inc., and the Palo Alto design and engineering firm, Focus Product Design.