Branding & Messaging

We understand you’ve been working on your product for months or even years and that sometimes marketing and branding had to take a back seat. Good thing we’re experts! Let our team gently review and refine your branding and messaging.
Pain Points

Re-evaluate value proposition based on customer pain points.

Feature Audit

Audit product features to determine most significant factors.

Identify X-Factor

Determine which features illicit buying behaviors.

Marketing Personas

Determine ideal customers through proprietary process.

Product Naming

Re-imagine brand and assets to create proper messaging.

Logo and Typeset Design

Let our designers determine your brands look and feel.


What do all the best campaigns in the world have in common? They are pixel-perfect works of art, designed by the best creative minds in the industry. See how CFM can turn your campaign page into a masterpiece, with virtually unlimited graphics and infographics.
Stunning Design
Includes Copywriting
Unlimited Graphics
Multiple Revisions


There has never been a successful project that hasn’t been accompanied by a stunning video. Our Videographers are among the best in the world in telling your story.
Also, we come to you. Starting at $4391, CFM can produce the video anywhere in the US or Canada at no extra charge.
See Our Latest Video Reel.


Video and Design alone cannot bring qualified buyers to your page. That is why we work with the world’s best media-buyers and advertising partners, ensuring your campaign is inundated with eye balls, each and every day.
Starting at 20% of your Advertising Budget, our Media Team can save you at least 50% in advertising waste.


Every successful campaign deserves to be praised and highlighted in all the top publications. That’s why our publicists work tirelessly to set up Product Reviews, Social Mentions and Executive Profiles throughout your entire campaign.

Our clients have been featured all over the place.

Account Management.

What good is having a team if you have to manage them yourself? Each CFM client is assigned a highly skilled and proficient Account Manager to oversee every aspect of your production.
Your Account Manager also keeps a digital calendar, so you can schedule time with him or her any time you need a little assurance.


Truly great campaigns all realize that success starts months before the launch of their campaign. Talk to us about building a simple but effective Landing Page to start collecting email addresses up to 12 weeks prior to your launch.
1. Landing Page
2. Facebook Ads
3. Collect Emails
4. Email Blast


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