Get to Know us.

Founded in 2011, The Crowdfund Mafia is the #1 Full-Service Crowdfunding Agency in the World with over 350 campaigns of experience. Look to CFM to manage your campaign from beginning to end.
Idea Deep Dive

We will use our proprietary process to learn everything about your product or idea.

Kickstarter Strategy

Develop a strategy that includes, prelaunch, lead generation, design and ultimately a successful raise.


Reinterpret your product and brand identity, including naming, typeset, logo and product messaging.


Reorganize your message to create intrigue and excitement, as well as illicit “buying” behaviors from your ideal customers.

Ad Development

We will create a highly effective advertising strategy, including custom audiences, visual assets and more.


Get featured on the most influential publications in the world, including Engadget, TechCrunch, CNET and more.


We’ve created hundreds of stunning Kickstarter videos over the years. See our reel here.

Ad Optimization

Our experts have managed several million dollars of advertising budget, funding several hundred campaigns.

Lead Generation

Let us build a custom landing page and advertising campaign to generate thousands of leads before your campaign launch.

Our Team.

We are nearly 40 Crowdfunding Specialists, Project Managers, Designers, Media-Buyers, Copywriters, Publicists, Videographers and Software Developers with one mission…to give your campaign its best chance for success.


We’ve worked on over 350 campaigns over the years, including some of the largest, most-funded campaigns ever launched.

Baubax Travel Jacket




Swing Note



Antares Grill

Working with Us.

Here at CFM, we pride ourselves on only working with the most innovative and sophisticated projects in the world. Our high-standards and strict policies our what make us the most sought-after crowdfunding agency on the planet.

Our Acceptance Policy.

Each and every campaign that becomes a CFM campaign must meet our high standards for product design, technical innovation, development stage as well as leadership team and creative assets. Only the Best will Do.
This means we turn down approximately 70% of the interested projects that seek our assistance each and every month.

How We Screen.

In order to ensure our commitment to “best-in-class” campaigns and projects, we’ve developed a proprietary screening process described below.

1. Pitch Meeting.

Each day at 12:30pm, we have our daily Pitch Meeting, where our Crowdfunding Specialists pitch the most recent projects to our entire team.

2. Your Pitch.

Each Crowdfunding Specialist is allotted up to 2 minutes to stand in front of the company and explain why their client should be added to our roster.

3. Stipulations.

They then receive specific feedback and stipulations from the team on what is needed for us to move forward. Less than 3% of campaigns make it through this process without at least 1-2 stipulations

Getting on our Team.

Once all stipulations are cleared, your product will be cleared to take off! We will assign you an Account Manager and begin the process of orientation.
1. Approval
2. Payment
3. Confirmation Email
4. Onboarding