Announcing, the Zipbuds line of tangle-free headphones

Made from BPA-free rubber, Zipbuds combines high quality audio output, ergonomically structured earbuds, and the brand’s innovative “ZipSlide” feature to create a pair of sleek headphones that never tangle. Unlike previous Zipbuds models, SLIDE does not feature an actual zipper. Instead, a slider joins the left and right earbud wires together like a resealable plastic storage bag. This allows for a sleeker look, lighter buds, and higher sound quality. SLIDE earbuds are available with or without an attached mic.


Live Tangle Free.

Zipbuds developed its patented SLIDE technology after painstakingly researching the most frequent needs and complaints of earbud users. “In all of our research, almost all earbud users seemed resigned to the inevitability of their wires becoming tangled. We developed SLIDE to eliminate this frustration from everyday life. The way we see it – life can get pretty tangled. Your earbuds shouldn’t.” – Robin DeFay, President & Co-Founder, Zipbuds

Yellow_Zipper_Detail smBy combining their never-before-seen sliding technology with the uncompromising audio quality their brand is known for, Zipbuds has developed a product that makes on-the-go music, audiobook, and podcast listening easier than ever.

Campaign Information.

Zipbuds is running a Kickstarter Campaign in order to raise the funds necessary to bring SLIDE to market. The campaign, which will run from August 19, 2014 to September 20, 2014, will only receive its funding if they reach their $50K goal. Pre-orders of the earbuds will start at $32.00. Backers who contribute to the campaign can expect to receive their SLIDE earbuds before the 2014 holidays.

About Zipbuds.

Zipbuds is a headphone brand that is driven to create technologies that revolutionize the experience of everyday products.

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